Clients include companies involved in the Quarry industry, the Waste Management Industry and the Bulk Earthmoving Industry.

Typical tasks carried out by the Company for Clients within the Mineral Resources / Waste Management / Earthmoving Sector:

  • 2d/3d topographic surveys using conventional total stations and laser scanning
  • Site material cut/fill volume analysis
  • Stockpile (asset) Surveys
  • Utilisation /manipulation of ‘off the shelf’ mapping/surveys/imagery for feasibility studies and planning
  • 3d  digital terrain  surface modelling /volumetric surveys
  • Airspace surveys for landfills
  • Earthworks design and setting out


Figure 1 Figure 2
Figure 1 - topographic survey of a brickearth quarry for resource management and planning purposes Figure 2 - survey of geotechnical point locations on a landfill to             assist in monitoring of gas and leachate
Figure 3 Figure 4
Figure 3 - plan showing volumetric analysis of site materials for          a new housing development Figure 4 - plan showing reservoir design to a specific capacity for                 a golf course