Clients include Architects, Consulting Engineers, Main Contractors and Local Authorities particularly within the Transport Sector (Railways, Highways) and the Oil Industry. 

Typical tasks carried out by the Company for Clients within the CIVIL ENGINEERING Sector:

  • 2d/3d topographic/engineering surveys using conventional total stations and laser scanning
  • Cad design and setting out
  • Monitoring
  • 3d wire frame and digital terrain  surface modelling
  • Utilisation/manipulation of ‘off the shelf’ mapping/surveys/imagery for feasibility studies and planning.


The company is Linkup registered, offers  a number of personnel  qualified to work on the Rail Network and London Underground and is a member of ‘The Rail Alliance’.

Figure 1 - 3 dimensional topographic survey of a roundabout commissioned by a local authority to assist in traffic planning   Figure 2 - 3 dimensional engineering survey of part of a railway station commissioned by a Main Contractor as part of a series of plans to assist in designing a new footbridge
Figure 3 - Compilation plan showing a 3d wire frame isometric view and track clearance section of an existing exit route commissioned by Consulting Engineers to assist in designing a new link bridge at a London Underground Station   Figure 4 - Ortho image extracted from a laser scan survey of a station canopy commissioned by Consulting Engineers as part of a series of plans and elevations to assist in the refurbishment of victorian canopy structures. Images were cut through the laserscan pointcloud at various locations to provide sectional detail  on the ironwork and roof